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Often times polished concrete is thought of as simply a shiny concrete floor. Floors with finishes or waxes that are burnished to a high gloss were considered being “polished”. To some, any concrete that is chemically hardened and then burnished to a gloss finish is considered polished. When price, not quality and longevity, is the sole determination of product selection there is often a large difference in the application procedures and product selection.

Concrete polishing focuses on grinding in order to provide the best quality floor while maximizing consumed product.  Please CALL US with any questions or to schedule a consultation to discuss your individual needs.

A concrete substrate that is chemically hardened and ground with successively finer diamond abrasives until a smooth, dense and abrasion resistant surface is achieved with no film forming sealers or coatings applied.

Processing concrete to a polish is like sanding wood or buffing your fingernails. A course grit abrasive is used to start the process and progressive finer abrasives are used until the desired appearance is achieved. During this process, a densifier is applied that makes the concrete extremely dense. The process may be done wet or dry.

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